Monday, October 02, 2006

life is a junior mint

Peppermint ice cream makes me exist fully in the moment. No flashbacks to long summer days of running barefoot in the tall grass. No memories of mom's homemade stuff: she didn't even start making her own ice cream until we kids moved out. There is absolutely no emotional baggage to stand between me and the perfectly cold pink dream that is currently performing a miracle of slow, sweet melt on my tongue.

Unfortunately, my next spoonful was somehow tainted with this month's extra-chocolate specialty: the clerk must have used a scoop that wasn't entirely clean. While I am in the clear as far as peppermint is concerned, the bittersweet of chocolate recalls a series of events in my life that I would otherwise rather forget.


Meg said...


There aren't a lot of things in life without emotional baggage, come to think of it. How wise of you!

favorite asian said...

augusten burroughs once did an ad campaign for junior mints. in his book, "possible side effects," he tells you about it. he tells you about the junior mints factory, and he tells you about how they are made. it's prtty fascinating. i love junior mints. i currently have "dark chocolate mints" from target [choxie] on my desk. they are pretty much juior mints except some of them didn't form correctly and are chalky which is a sahme ok i'm done.