Sunday, September 24, 2006

welcome to the no "no-spin" zone

I read somewhere that in today's world, everything has a "mission statement." Even your ordinary preschooler has "tasks," makes "content," and has a "target audience." We are all so wrapped up in the business plans of our lives, that we are too busy reading memos to slow down and read a little poetry. To open our eyes and just open our mouths and just say.

For me, it's that I've been "too busy" to think like I used to. Too busy to use the words that I filled my head with for all those years, and too busy to say what I would have liked to say. I need to fix that, for my mental well-being. So I offer, for the blogosphere, some daily words, strung together like so many faceted crystal beads: weighty, shiny, wonderous, and frivolous, all in a time of casual brutality against aesthetics.

I don't need you to believe anything that you will read here, and if you are anything like me, you will find that to be the most freeing thing that you have ever read on the Internet.

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